Vienna started her streaming journey as a high-ELO and competitive League of Legends streamer for Cloud9, climbing the ladder as well as participating in collegiate and amateur tournaments. Not satisfied with her content, she went back to the drawing board and Vienna reinvented herself as the Cosmic Dragon vtuber we know and love. You can find her dabbling in just about any variety of games, when not feeding her competitive gaming addiction. Her proudest achievements include several first place finishes in tournaments like Riot's Grand Prix, reaching Grandmasters, and being the #1 ranked Shen in the world (She adores Shen).

Vienna's passions span across esports, game development and the emerging vtuber ecosystem as a whole, and her content follows. On any day, you might run into her at LCS events, or catch her online co-streaming matches, or even on the LCS preshow. Pulling from her experience as a game developer, she is always searching for more ways to introduce vtubing to the larger collective. With recent efforts to do so in recent creative collaborations with Riot Games, Odyssey Interactive, EA, and Porter Robinson.



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