She’s pure sunshine and a jack of all trades — meet sylvee, a variety content sweetheart who's taking over the gaming world, one hobby at a time.

One of sylvee's greatest strengths is her ability to make friends with anyone, anywhere. She began her streaming journey with Overwatch, but it was after befriending a group of content creators in a random CS:GO lobby that she found her home in Minecraft, and quickly began to rise as a star in the community. sylvee isn't just a Minecraft one trick — she’s got a plethora of interests and is always excited to share her newfound curiosity with her audience! Whether it’s trying out a new game, learning a new language, tackling various arts and crafts projects, cooking it up in the kitchen, or taking chat outside to touch grass, you can always expect something fun from her!

Check out sylvee and discover a chaotic, fun, and inviting community that’ll bring some sunshine into your day!



  • Twitch - 330KFollowers
  • Twitter - 232KFollowers
  • Youtube - 62KSubscribers
  • Instagram - 160KFollowers
  • TikTok - 201KFollowers

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