You probably wouldn’t guess “finance background” based on the effortlessly entertaining content that Squeex has become known for. He can laugh about it, these days, but we have a now-viral Zoom call to thank for his streaming career. He joined that call, found out he was in the ‘unlucky group’ being laid off, and the next day he turned a casual streaming hobby into his full-time job.

He hasn't looked back. Over the past year and change, the legendary east-coast-based Super Mario speedrunner has widened his horizons beyond the boundaries of Nintendo. From chill out sessions with chat, exciting IRL streams, to just about any variety of game lobby with cameos from an ever-growing network of creators -- Squeex is one of the most fun (and fastest growing) creator channels on twitch.



  • Twitch - 101KFollowers
  • Twitter - 17.4KFollowers
  • Youtube - 51KSubscribers
  • TikTok - 13.5KFollowers

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