Ali “Myth” Kabbani is one of the most loveable and well respected personalities in live-streaming today. Myth parlayed his success as a Fortnite pro to other games and the gaming creator community more broadly where his humorous persona, upstanding character, and competitive success have enabled him to build a brand that's well respected amongst both brand partners and gaming creators alike.

Consistently straddling the line between competitive – he’s reached the top tiers of numerous games – and entertaining, Myth consistently ‘surprises and delights’ his audience. With over 21 million followers across all social platforms, Myth is a leader on the Twitch platform and a storied brand within the gaming community.



  • Twitch - 7.4MFollowers
  • YouTube - 4.6MSubscribers
  • Instagram - 6.4MFollowers
  • Twitter - 2.5MFollowers

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