Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An, also known as Timmy, is one of the fastest-growing, high-skilled competitive gamers on Twitch. Hailing from Texas -- and now creating content from his home in LA -- iiTzTimmy entertains viewers with his incredible mouse control and cheeky camera-work, employing a nifty punch-in hotkey that zooms in on his face after a skillful play or witty remark. Focusing on competitive shooters, including Apex Legends and Valorant, Timmy earned his stripes as a pro player in esports for Golden Guardians, but truly made a name for himself by consistently streaming and challenging himself to set records on Twitch; he went from Bronze (the lowest ranking) to Master (the highest) in a single, insane, 33-hour stream. Kind-hearted, ambitious, and well-liked by his peers, Timmy represents the future of gaming content creators.


  • Twitch - 730kFollowers
  • Twitter - 167KFollowers
  • Youtube - 602KSubscribers
  • Instagram - 72.8KFollowers

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