With a background in information technology, CohhCarnage found streaming shortly after quitting his day job to seek out his bigger interests. Gaming was always to be the home for him and after pursuing the livestream lifestyle, he quickly fell in love. Fast forward to now and his name has become synonymous with Twitch where he’s known for the sizable variety of games he plays live to thousands of fans who’ve come to love his lighthearted, reserved demeanor and widely adventurous game-playing spirit. A sizable assortment of game developers, like inXile, Square Enix and CD Projekt Red -- the latter of whom have included Cohh in their upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 title -- have relied on his content to bring their releases to gamers everywhere.



  • Twitch - 1.3MFollowers
  • Twitter - 179.3KFollowers
  • Youtube - 254KSubscribers


  • Cyberpunk
2077Cyberpunk 2077

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