It would be easy to assume by both his age and current rank of #1 in all of Europe for Fortnite that it was video games that spawned benjyfishy’s drive for competition. But, in fact, his interests in the spirit of all things sport go back to rugby, cricket, and even ten-pin bowling, where he learned the skills which would eventually aid in his pursuit to become a champion in one of the world’s most popular video games. From being featured in Fortnite, to competing with a popular esports team, benjyfishy’s English charm, accented by his unmatched on-stream energy and talent, has made him one of the most popular streamers on Twitch these days.



  • Twitch - 2.5MFollowers
  • Instagram - 2.3MFollowers
  • Twitter - 1.3MFollowers
  • YouTube - 1.3MSubscribers
  • TikTok - 539.9KFollowers

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