to the core.

We're a no BS, fast-moving gaming management and advisory firm who are, first and foremost, interested in upgrading, improving, and evolving the video game industry. We're authentically human, relentlessly creative, award-winning, and in this business to fight on behalf of the clients who've put their trust in us, no matter the arena.

Brand Experience


Talent Management

We offer a full suite of management services to ensure creators have the customized support they need for short and long-term success, as well as the ability to focus on what they do best: make engaging content for their fans.

  • Brand Development
  • Campaign Management
  • Platform Negotiation
  • Creative Services
  • Content Development
  • Media Training & Press
  • Sponsorships & Endorsements
  • Game Developer Partnerships
  • Travel & Event Logistics
  • Merchandise & Licensing Management
  • Content Development & Monetization

Brand Strategy

We consult brands of all shapes and sizes on how best to connect with gamers across the globe.

  • Industry Insights
  • Data Analysis
  • Bespoke Programs
  • Performance Tracking
  • Program Partnerships
  • Content Development
  • Creative Services
  • Paid Media Sales


We help companies and creators of all sizes find success in gaming. For our own creators, this means monetizing their reach and influence through brand partnerships, game release campaigns, appearances, and more. For brands, we’ll help you navigate and execute in the space based on your strategy, from custom events and content, to  influencer partnerships.

  • Sponsorships
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Appearances
  • Game Dev Campaigns
  • Custom Activations
  • Custom Content
  • Talent Sourcing

Want to

We want to work with people who want what we want: authentic, innovative, and effective ways of changing business as usual in gaming. So, shoot us a message and let's do this together.

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